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16 Aug 2008

The Holman Rock Drill Collection comprises many of the rock drills produced by Holmans Bros, Camborne, Corwall, UK spanning a period from their first patented drill in 1881 through to the 1990ís.

It is now owned by
Mining and Management Consultancy and is housed at their premises and in the World Heritage Site at King Edward Mine (courtesy the Trevithick Society) and Poldark Mine.

Holman drills were synonymous with mining and won many competitions, and held a number of mining and tunneling world records.

The Collection is an important part of mining and social history.
The Rock Drill collection includes:

Rock Drills - Holmanís and others (including an MacDermott and Glover (1860) and Doering (1867)

Early Models of Beam Engines etc

Photographic Archives (glass slides and prints) of Holman products in use, for training and for demonstration

Brochures covering products and spare parts

Ledgers and various report books

Drawings including cutaways for sales, maintenance and training

Ephemera including various patents, diplomas, WW2 war effort

The intention is to preserve, present and fully catalogue the collection for the benefit of the public.

Click on the Holman logo to visit the Holman Rock Drill Collection website.